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Download Aadhar card using EID

EID stands for Enrollment ID. It is a 28-digit number. There are a few things you need to know about this feature of India’s one of the most widely accepted identity proofs. 

What is EID in Aadhar card? 

EID has 28 digits. Many confuse it between 15 digits and 18 digits. The 14-digit number is provided on the top of the Aadhar letter. This 14-digit number consists of the EA code. EA stands for the enrollment agency. The agency had enrolled the person into the Aadhar System. Only the UIDAI registered enrollment agencies can take up the task of providing EA code. The unique combination of the digit is provided as the sequence. This set of the number along with the date and time of enrollment is the entire EID in Aadhar. 

This is provided along with the acknowledgment slip.

EA Code= 4 digit

Station Code= 5 digit

Sequence= 5 digit

YYYYMMDD=8 digit

HH:MM: SS= 6 digit

What is the enrollment number in Aadhar card? 

We very well know that the Aadhar number is 12 digits, and then there exists a doubt as to why the enrollment number has 28 digits. 

The Enrollment number is the number which is generated before the Aadhar Card is processed. There are a lot of cases by which the Aadhar card can get rejected. There are a lot of people who have applied for Aadhar and have not received it yet. It is a known fact that Aadhar has become the mandate identity for filling up the various applications and for filing tax returns. It has occupied the place of guaranteeing and assuring the place for citizens in India. 

Many are not aware of the Enrollment number. The people feel that the Aadhar Card number is only accepted by everyone. But as per the government directorate, the enrollment number is also accepted by most of the government formalities. 

So, it is necessary to make people aware to note down the enrollment number while registering for Aadhar. One can register for Aadhar from home itself. There are a lot of e-seve centers which offer services to provide Aadhar Card. If you are using any one of those e-seva centers, then you can ask the service personnel to hand over the enrollment number to you. The enrollment number is automatically sent to the registered number and mail ID. In case, you need to cross check, you can ask for it from the service personnel. 

It is not an issue even if you lose the registered mobile number or change it. The mail ID, the phone number can be changed and updated with the help of this enrollment number. The enrollment number is as important as the Aadhar number. It is not that you can misplace your enrollment number after getting your Aadhar. The enrollment number provides an easier access to change and update the content as it is more authentic than the Aadhar number. The Aadhar number, when entered along with the registered mobile number alone, can allow you to change or update the data. But, if you possess the enrollment number, it becomes much easy to change the details. 

Download Aadhar card using EID 

The Enrollment ID is mainly provided to track and download the Aadhar Card. The usual procedure is to send the Aadhar Card by post. This is the original version of the card. But, these days even the e-version of the Aadhar card is accepted. So, if you want to use the Aadhar Card for any urgent purposes, then you can download it from the official website of UIDAI by entering the enrollment number. 

Moreover, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has also issued a notice which mandates the entering of EID along with the Aadhar ID for filing IT returns. This is more than enough to say why it is important to save the EID. 

Download Aadhar card using Enrolment number

These are the steps you need to follow to download the Aadhar Card using the Enrollment ID. 

  • Visit the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). 
  • Click on the link that says Download Aadhar. 
  • Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to
  • There are two options, I have Aadhar and I have Enrollment ID. 
  • Enter the 14-digit enrollment ID. 
  • Enter your pin code. 
  • Enter your name 
  • Clear the security test
  • An OTP is sent to the registered mobile number. 
  • Once you enter the OTP, the PDF of Aadhar is downloaded. 
  • You can access the Aadhar Card in the PDF by entering a password that requires you to enter the first four letters of your name in Capital and year of birth. 
  • If the site says your mobile number is not valid, then you can visit the nearest E seva center and get your Aadhar after completing the biometric formalities. 

This is why EID holds its importance in Aadhar. 

Updated: January 3, 2019 — 3:09 pm

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